Tours to Petra

Petra has much to offer those on escorted Jordan tours, from majestic red mountains to vast mausoleums. The wonders of both man and nature perfectly complement one another in this amazing land. While a great deal has been written regarding tours to Petra, nothing can compare to the experience of viewing all that it has to offer in person.

Petra tours allow travelers to visit one of the seven wonders of the ancient world-one of the most popular tourist destinations and valuable treasures of Israel. The city of Petra is unique and expansive, having been carved into rock by the Nabataeans and functioning as a trading hub for China, India, southern Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Greece and Rome in terms of silk, spices and more.

One of the first things travelers notice on America Israel Travel Petra tours is the entrance to the city, which can only be accessed through the Sig-a narrow gorge walled in by 80m high cliffs to either side. The mere act of walking through the Sig proves to be an exciting experience for many visitors on tours to Petra. Once travelers reach the end of the Sig, they are further rewarded with their first glimpse of Al-Khazneh (the Treasury).

Carved out of pink rock and sitting 30m wide by 43m high, it is no wonder seeing Al-Khazneh brings so much delight to those on Petra tours. This 1st century tomb was carved for an important Nabataen king. The Treasury is just the first of many wonderful sites that can be taken in on Petra tours. It is suggested that travelers that wish to experience all Petra has to offer should set aside 4-5 days to explore. Sites of interest such as the hundreds of elaborately-cut rock tombs, Roman-style theater, obelisks, temples, colonnaded streets, museums, and sacrificial altars entice travelers from all over the world. The natural beauty and architectural achievements found here make tours to Petra memorable experiences for those of all ages.

Motorized vehicles are not permitted to enter the site. Those that do not wish to walk may hire a horse-drawn carriage or horse to take through down the 1km Sig. Special permits may be issues to those that are handicapped or elderly, allowing them to take carriages inside Petra to the main attractions. Donkeys can be hired within the site, though camels are available for those with a taste of adventure on tours to Petra.

Biblical References and Petra Tours

It is believed that Petra was mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible under several names, such as Kohtheel and Sela (2 Kings 14:7). It was during Mose´s Exodus with the Israelites that they traveled through the Petra area of Edom. Local tradition claims that the spring at Wadi Musa or Valley of Moses, which is right outside Petra, is the exact place where Moses struck the rock and water sprung forth (Numbers 20:10-11).

Aaron, Moses and Miriam´s brother, died in Jordan and was buried at Mount Hor in Petra, which is currently called Jabal harun or Mount Aaron. Petra was also considered to be the last staging post of the three kings that brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to honor baby Jesus when he was born in Behtlehem (Matthew 2:1-12). It is no wonder tours to Petra are so popular with those interested in its Biblical roots.