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Sea of Galilee Israel Tours

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A journey to the Holy Land is an experience of a lifetime. To walk where Jesus walked, to hear, see, and smell this beautiful land of our Lord is something that will change your life forever. We deliver our famous Holy Land Israel tours in intimate groups that enable you to explore the depths of the areas you travel to while enjoying our superior accommodations at outstanding values. Each tour is specially tailored by our company and operates completely in-house-not purchased from another company- ensuring outstanding quality at every turn. AIT famous tour guides are all top professional, Government – certified, who is ready to help you every step of the way. Every year thousands of travelers are choosing our Christian Tours to Israel to experience our unparalleled Holy Land journeys and first-class services. Join us, it is a blessing, a journey of a lifetime… Don’t miss it.

Western Wall Jerusalem

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Allow America Israel Travel to lead on a beautifully moving adventure to the heart of Jewish history and tradition on our Jewish tours to Israel. Enjoy the benefits and value of traveling through Israel on an in-depth, fully guided Israel tours while enjoying relaxing, first class accommodations at a wonderful price. The tour guides that lead our Jewish tours to Israel—certified by the Israel Government Tourist Office—are extremely knowledgeable and held to exceedingly high expectations, trained to help you savor every moment as you discover your Jewish homeland. Traveling with America Israel Travel is safe, simple and absolutely fantastic—just some of the reasons why thousands are traveling to Israel with us every year. If you are eager to come face-to-face with the wonders of Israel, continue reading to learn more about our tours to Israel and the eye-opening sites you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with.

Bahá'í Gardens Israel Tours

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Experience the mystical intrigue of Israel firsthand with our fully escorted and guided tours to Israel. Israel is a wonderland of exciting sites which draws travelers of all kinds from all across the globe with its exciting archaeological and religious sites, intricate history and beautiful culture. Our escorted Israel tours offer unique experiences that expose travelers to Israeli culture and history, exploring the most popular sites for escorted tours to Israel in great depth. Our Israel guided tours offer pleasant, first-class service from beginning to end, incorporating first class accommodations at a wonderful value Travel to Israel on our guided tours to Israel is nothing short of life changing! Lead by professionally trained, Israel Government Tourist Office certified tour guides, Our Classical escorted tours to Israel are affordable, safe and stress-free – just some of the many reasons thousands of travelers choose to experience Israel with us every year.

Masada Israel Tours

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Our 3-4 day excursions are perfect for those who want to visit the spectacular land of Israel but do not have the time to embark on one of our full length tours. These tours will give you a taste of Israel by allowing you to visit specific areas that are of interest to you and are sure to leave you with a desire to return for a chance to explore more of this historically and culturally fascinating country.

Akko Israel Tours

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For travelers who already have their own accommodations in Israel, but would like to enjoy guided tours of specific areas, our daily tours are an excellent option. This is the ideal way for those who are traveling to Israel on business trips or visiting loved ones to stay in the accommodations that have been arranged while still receiving the information that our incredibly knowledgeable guides have to offer. There is simply too much fascinating history to explore Israel without the advantage of one of our Government-certified tour guides.

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Allow America Israel Travel to whisk you away on a thrilling adventure as you explore a world where modern Israel melds with ancient locations and sites that breathe life into biblical stories and figures. For years our company has operated the most popular tours to Israel and for our 2014 and 2015 tour departures, we are proud to provide our travelers with our new and improved tour itineraries and upgraded superior first class hotel selection. AIT sets the travel standards for these distinctive tours to Israel as we keep improving our unique programs, travel services and accommodations, all at the most affordable rates in the travel industry. Each one of our tours to Israel is safe, easy to follow and led by a knowledgeable, English speaking, Government-certified tour guide. Our expert tour guides are trained to help you experience Israel’s most enjoyable, memorable and biblically important destinations to the absolute fullest, awakening your senses at every turn. We will be more than happy to host you on one of our amazing journeys and are here to answer any question you might have.

The AIT Team